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Structured Settlement Annuity Companies

What Is a Structured Settlement?

If you've been in an coincidence, won or settled a lawsuit, or obtained a payout from a lottery, you could obtain a structured settlement annuity. What this indicates is that you get hold of your agreement in monthly bills instead of a unmarried lump sum. A dependent annuity can closing for a set time period, 30 years for example, or till the dying of the beneficiary.

If you need to repay money owed, have clinical payments, or are facing a vast fee, you may want your cash up front. There are many offerings that buy dependent annuities in alternate for a unmarried cash payout. In fact, you may have visible a commercial or even been contacted by any such groups considering the fact that they marketplace their services aggressively. Many agents will provide one of a kind varieties of established settlement loans as nicely. In these situations, you may borrow coins against your dependent settlement, much like you could with a loans against every other kind asset. 

You can promote the entirety of your dependent settlement or a portion of it. Many factors have an effect on the quantity you will in the end receive, consisting of the entire amount of the agreement you're promoting, the range of payments you're promoting and the way regularly those bills are made

The process for promoting a established settlement is prolonged and wishes to be permitted through a courtroom. Usually it takes among two to 3 months to complete a sale.

Best Structured Settlement Brokers for Partial Cash Payouts

J.G Wentworth is one in all the largest structured agreement customers. (It also owns Peachtree Financial, another big and famous logo.) If you have an annuity from a sah settlement, coincidence or lottery award, J.G. Wentworth can buy a portion of your agreement. The benefit of this is that you can leverage your agreement in multiple methods, retaining future month-to-month bills whilst getting a few brief-time period cash.

J.G. Wentworth

J.G. Wentworth is one among the largest customers of structured settlements. It gives a selection of financial services, consisting of prepaid cards, personal loans and mortgages. (It also owns Peachtree Financial, another consumer of dependent settlements.)

Best Structured Settlement Company for Lottery Winnings

If you've gained a lottery and are receiving the payout in monthly installments, you'll be capable of promote it for a unmarried payout. Woodbridge Structured Funding is a based settlement enterprise that purchases lottery rewards. However, the state you received the lottery in can determine whether or not you are eligible to promote a lottery charge. One thing in this business enterprise's prefer: Woodbridge offers to fit the fee offered by means of other dependent settlement organizations to purchase your lottery annuity.

Woodbridge Structured Funding

Woodbridge Structured Funding is an investment corporation that purchases based annuities inside the form of based settlements, lottery or casino winnings, or inherited or bought annuities. It should buy all or part of your annuity. Alternately, you could promote a percentage of every payment. This helps you to hold to obtain month-to-month income from your annuity, just much less every month in alternate for a lump sum up front.

Best for Quick Payments

Typically it takes months to receive payouts from selling your structured settlements. Some groups declare to boost up the manner. Strategic Capital is one such organization; they have got streamlined the procedure and are capable of turning in bills to you in as little as 18 days. This varies relying at the nation you live in and the unique details of your settlement. Strategic Capital is also admirably obvious approximately the income system, with a wide kind of articles on its website.

Strategic Capital

Strategic Capital's internet site emphasizes time and again that not each person have to promote their established annuity agreement. It acknowledges, however, positive situations wherein having all or part of a dependent annuity straight away is probably a better option. Education or sudden contamination are  such examples the organization cites. Whatever your motives for cashing out your structured settlement, Strategic Capital can paintings with you.


How We Selected Our Lineup

Our lineup of 10 structured agreement companies became decided on based totally on several elements, inclusive of purchaser sentiment, agency visibility and whether the enterprise belongs to industry organizations consisting of the National Association of Settlement Purchasers (NASP). In order to be a member of NASP, a established agreement business enterprise ought to abide by means of a code of ethics, a client bill of rights and take part in anti-fraud initiatives. We were not capable of compare fees and fees, when you consider that they depend so much at the precise details of every settlement. In addition to analyzing our buying manual, test with the settlement groups you are considering to determine what the exact costs and fees are if making a decision to transform all or a number of your structured agreement to a lump sum payout.

Based on our research, here are our recommendations for the fine based agreement corporations:

What Is the Process for Selling My Annuity?

Selling a established annuity must now not be undertaken lightly. It is a prolonged system that entails a courtroom approving the sale. The whole manner takes upwards of several months. The process differs extensively depending on the state you live in. Most structured agreement agencies will aid you in the manner.

If you are thinking about promoting a established settlement annuity, you'll need to observe these essential steps:

First, save round to discover the nice quote. Structured agreement organizations apply what is called a discount charge to the future payments you receive, so the lump sum fee is smaller than the full quantity of your agreement.

Second, you'll want to offer documents to the organisation you're promoting the structured agreement to. This consists of the documentation from the insurance agency chargeable for the annuity, the agreement and launch settlement from a lawsuit, and the application for selling the settlement. If you're divorced or have declared bankruptcy considering that receiving your annuity, you may need to provide additional documentation.

Third, relying on the kingdom you stay in, you may be required to consult an lawyer or a economic advisor before promoting your based annuity. You can find a list of the kingdom-with the aid of-kingdom requirements here.

Fourth, a judge will want to approve the sale of your dependent agreement. Further, the judge will take steps to decide whether or not you understand the terms of the sale. You'll additionally want to demonstrate which you have a powerful need to sell your annuity. Most established agreement income are permitted, however reasons for denial include a failure to illustrate good enough monetary want, wrong documentation or a negative bargain price from the employer.

Pros and Cons

Pros & Cons of Selling a Structured Settlement

There are benefits and disadvantages to promoting your based agreement. Here are just a few you need to recall:


You get on the spot access in your money in place of receiving it month-to-month over numerous years.

The lump sum of your agreement keeps the equal tax repute as your preliminary settlement. An coverage agreement is tax loose, so, too, are the proceeds from promoting one.

You can promote a part of your agreement with out depleting the complete annuity.


When you promote your established annuity, you surrender future fee for gift profits. Structured agreement organizations do not forget the depreciation of destiny income and observe a reduction price for your settlement (extra on that below). What this means is for a $100,000 settlement, you can expect to obtain everywhere from $30,000 to $50,000.

It can every so often take months for the office work to be completed and for a choose to approve the sale. If you want cash without delay, you can need to inspect trade approaches to get it.

If you depend upon your based settlement to pay payments, promoting is unwise. You can compromise your income flow and leave yourself at threat for dire monetary results.

What Is a Discount Rate?

The discount fee represents the quantity the corporation deducts from the full of your based agreement. While it is able to sound like a simple percent, it's miles a lot greater complex than that. The cut price rate assumes that a dollar nowadays is well worth extra than a dollar within the destiny and applies that precept to the payments you are promoting.

Take the example above of a $one hundred,000 agreement this is offered for between $30,000 and $50,000. This implies a reduction charge of fifty percentage to 70 percent. But discount rates commonly variety from 8 to 18 percentage, and might occasionally be as excessive as 30 percentage. 

The math would not seem to feature up, and this is because the based settlement enterprise looks at each payment you sell and applies a one of a kind cut price price to each charge relying on how some distance into the destiny the payment is. Therefore, next month's charge has a different discount charge than a fee five years from now.

When you acquire a quote from a based agreement provider, simply be conscious that it's going to normally reflect an average of all the discounts on all the bills you intend to promote rather than it being a certain percent applied to the full of your dependent annuity.

There is a benefit to selling only a portion of your agreement. By promoting a number of your forthcoming monthly bills, they've a lower cut price charge than bills that are similarly out in the destiny, which means that you'll be able to get extra money and now have get right of entry to to future bills.

Here are few extra matters to preserve in thoughts whilst selling a established annuity:

  • Explore your alternatives. Get multiple charges from special structured settlement groups. You're not obligated to go along with the first provide you obtain.

  • Haggle. Once you get a suggestion, do not feel such as you need to simply accept it. You can negotiate the price and try and find a middle floor with the consumer.

  • Understand what you are getting into. Most states require some sort of session with an lawyer of financial consultant. We recommend taking advantage of that carrier so that you absolutely apprehend the impact of selling your annuity.

Tax Repercussions

As mentioned in advance, while you sell your dependent agreement, the payout isn't always taxed. The exception, even though, is from lottery winnings, that are taxed, and the finances from promoting a lottery annuity are taxed as well. And in case you make investments the cash from your lump-sum payout, profits from the ones investments will be taxed.

If you have received a structured settlement annuity thru a lawsuit, an coincidence, or winning the lottery, selling it to a structured agreement agency can allow you to take benefit of that money more quick. We've assembled a lineup of the 10 quality established settlement organizations so you can discover your alternatives and find the exceptional deal for you. You can study extra approximately those businesses and what they offer in our purchasing manual.
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San Diego Car Accident Lawyer

Getting the compensation you deserve when you’re injured in a automobile twist of fate is crucial in your complete recuperation, but that doesn’t imply it’s going to be an clean manner. Let a San Diego automobile crash attorney make the process less complicated.

Seconds after a automobile crash, your thoughts is on immediately issues like how extreme the resulting injuries are and the way broken your vehicle is. But the issues related to your coincidence are possibly to persist for lengthy after the crash.

Doctors and mechanics don’t care who became at fault for your crash; they simply need to understand you may pay for his or her offerings. But you shouldn’t must pay if your automobile coincidence was someone else’s fault.

At The Kindley Firm, APC, we recognize how hard it is able to be to get the repayment you deserve after a automobile coincidence. That’s why we advise partnering with a San Diego vehicle accident attorney with our company to help you get what you’re owed.

Dealing with Insurance

Insurance agencies can be extraordinarily deceptive, that's why it will pay to have sound prison illustration from the outset.

One trick insurers have lengthy deployed is delaying payment for a claim until the last minute, basically holding you financially hostage. Many victims supply in and receive a low agreement provide because they've bills they ought to pay.

And because insurers have their personal prison suggest, you may make sure that whatever you are saying to them can be used to justify supplying you with less reimbursement. That’s why it’s best to permit your San Diego automobile crash lawyer address the coverage business enterprise for your behalf.

Profit is the number one motivator for insurance groups. To that stop, they’ll do whatever they are able to to decrease your settlement provide or now not compensate you at all. But you don’t have to permit your personal loss of criminal know-how be used against you; you can enlist the help of a San Diego car twist of fate damage lawyer.

Identifying the Responsible Parties

While you may have the contact and coverage statistics of the responsible driver, an research into the events at fault isn’t as simple as just making a couple of phone calls.

Many automobile accidents can really be attributed to multiple events, which assist you to in numerous ways, the most essential of which being your ability to recover extra repayment. However, proving the fault of multiple events in a vehicle crash may be a complex criminal count number.

The following are a few commonplace causes of automobile collisions that a San Diego car destroy lawyer can help you become aware of:

  • Distracted Driving – Whether the driving force was texting or eating behind the wheel, distracted using is a negligent using behavior. It’s also a major contributor to street deaths, as well as different extreme consequences.
  • Driving Under the Influence – Driving below the have an impact on of alcohol or tablets is a extreme criminal act and protection danger which can show negligence in a car accident case.
  • Speeding – Driving over the speed restriction is inviting problem, and it can be used to prove a driver’s recklessness.
  • Tailgating – Tailgating is extraordinarily common, however that doesn’t make it any less risky. If a driver has to prevent on a dime, the tailgater is sort of sure to rear-stop the car in the front of him or her, which could purpose critical accidents and car damage.
  • Dangerous Road Conditions – If a nation or local authorities business enterprise is determined to have left its roads in disrepair, the entity can be named in your claim if the dangerous roads brought about your crash.
  • Road Construction – Contractors servicing a roadside undertaking may be held responsible if they contributed for your twist of fate.
  • Understanding Comparative Fault

California is a comparative fault kingdom, which means that obligation for a crash may be divided amongst any and all events at fault in the collision. If you’re observed in part chargeable for your San Diego automobile accident accidents, your repayment award may be decreased by way of the percentage of responsibility you’re discovered to hold.

For instance, if three events are concerned in a crash, the courts may decide that one birthday celebration shoulders forty percentage of the obligation, another 50 percentage, and the final celebration the ultimate 10 percentage. If you were that final celebration, 10 percentage of the damages provided to you'll be withheld.

Damages You Can Recover

Perhaps the maximum crucial factor of your felony case is the claims you bring forth. These will determine how plenty you may receive in compensation ought to your match achieve success.

It bears repeating that insurance groups will try and get you agree because a good way to put a smaller dent in their bank money owed. Regardless of the severity of your accidents, don’t assume any sympathy from all and sundry on the alternative facet of the desk.

Working alongside a San Diego automobile twist of fate attorney will let you avoid promoting your declare brief. The following are some commonplace monetary and non-financial damages you will be capable of are seeking for after your San Diego car coincidence:

  • Current and destiny hospital therapy, which include any techniques or surgeries
  • Medication, medical gadgets, and associated items
  • Lost wages and earnings potential
  • Vehicle restore or alternative
  • Emotional distress
  • Reduced amusement of existence
  • Pain and struggling
  • Wrongful dying
  • It’s critical which you don’t undersell the volume to which you’ve been injured—in a financial, bodily, or mental feel. Even if your damages aren’t everlasting and you expect a rapid recuperation, you're entitled to whatever reimbursement the regulation lets in.

A San Diego vehicle collision lawyer let you decide all of your damages and raise your danger of having them.

San Diego Car Accident FAQ

After your car twist of fate, you’re going to have a few questions. Your San Diego vehicle crash attorney will be able to solution any questions you have, however we’ve spoke back a few common questions victims have after San Diego vehicle accidents below.

How lengthy do I have to document a vehicle accident declare?

Under California law, you've got  years from the date of your vehicle accident damage to file a claim for reimbursement. If you didn’t straight away discover the harm, you have 365 days from the date you observed it.

Can I record a claim if my family member died within the car twist of fate?

Spouses, kids, and mother and father of people who die in a automobile coincidence because of a person else’s negligent conduct can file a wrongful death declare. These claims can include repayment for monetary assist the deceased would have supplied and clinical costs associated with the coincidence, in addition to reimbursement for intangible damages like steering and care.

What types of proof will fortify my car crash case?

Generally, the more proof you have to prove what took place for your automobile coincidence, the better threat you stand of receiving repayment on your damages. Police reviews, your clinical facts, pics and videos from the accident, and witness statements will all help affirm your tale.

Keep in mind that proof has a tendency to disappear through the years, so it’s vital to begin the claim system as soon as you could.
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new mexico mesothelioma lawyer

Although New Mexico is carefully populated compared to many other states within the United States, it nonetheless has its honest proportion of electricity manufacturing, mining, tourism, fuel, oil, production, and manufacturing corporations. While these businesses offer New Mexico a effective manner to make money, in the past it came at the price of setting workers at risk for critical fitness problems. Many of the goods and substances used at the process web sites of New Mexico’s maximum significant companies had been made with asbestos.
Each day that employees went to work, they were uncovered to the harmful fabric for extended periods of time. Consequently, in keeping with government facts posted through the Environmental Working Group (EWG), an expected 168 to 231 individuals died from asbestos-associated illnesses in New Mexico among 1979 and 2001. Of those, 107 to 170 died from mesothelioma, even as sixty two died from asbestosis.
If you or a loved one were victim to mesothelioma, asbestos-related lung cancer, or asbestosis, you will be entitled to widespread reimbursement. Fill out our shape to get a free Financial Compensation Packet. You’ll study the top mesothelioma attorneys in New Mexico, the way to get paid in ninety days, the way to record a claim for the asbestos consider budget, and extra.

We are happy to offer help to asbestos sufferers in all areas of New Mexico, including:
Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Rio Rancho, Santa Fe, Roswell, Farmington, South Valley, Clovis, Hobbs, Alamogordo, Carlsbad, Gallup, Los Lunas, Sunland Park, Deming, Las Vegas, Chaparral, Portales, Los Alamos, North Valley, Lovington, Artesia, Silver City, Española, Zuni Pueblo, Anthony, Grants, Socorro, Shiprock, Corrales, Bernalillo, Ruidoso, Bloomfield, Belen, Aztec, Raton, Kirtland, Truth or Consequences, Eldorado at Santa Fe, Los Ranchos de Albuquerque, Lee Acres, Meadow Lake, Taos, White Rock, Rio Communities, Placitas Cdp, North Hobbs, Tucumcari, Paradise Hills, Los Chaves, El Cerro Mission, Santa Teresa, Bosque Farms, Edgewood, Vado, Peralta, Holloman AFB, University Park, Milan, Sandia Heights, San Felipe Pueblo, Eunice, La Cienega, El Cerro, Tularosa, Chimayo, Clayton, Santa Rosa, Agua Fria, Dulce, Cannon AFB, Ruidoso Downs, West Hammond, Boles Acres, Lordsburg, Crownpoint, Valencia, Santo Domingo Pueblo, Ranchos de Taos, Doña Ana, Navajo, Bayard, San Ysidro Cdp, Pojoaque, Jal, Nambe, La Mesilla, Las Maravillas, Flora Vista, Jarales, Mesilla, Berino, Waterflow, Moriarty, Jemez Pueblo, Sandia Knolls, Questa, Arroyo Seco, Mescalero, Keeler Farm, and extra.

Asbestos Issues in New Mexico

New Mexico’s economy is pushed by 3 main commercial sectors: energy production, authorities spending, and tourism. Mining is the biggest source of jobs inside the nation. In addition, there are 5 coal mines presently working in New Mexico, in addition to many uranium mines. Other minerals and ores extracted within the nation’s territory include manganese, beryllium, copper, potash, and molybdenum. Coal is the most critical mineral aid extracted via miners. In reality, in 2010, New Mexico become ranked 13th in normal coal production in the state.
However, the life of obviously-happening asbestos deposits in New Mexico poses serious fitness dangers for miners and other workers within the power-producing industry. The six silicate minerals that form the asbestos circle of relatives can lie inside the identical vicinity as extra proper materials. Thus, miners who dig for coal run the danger of inhaling asbestos fibers kicked up into the air with the aid of their excavating activities. Any publicity to asbestos is probably dangerous and can motive critical ailments such as asbestosis, lung most cancers, and malignant mesothelioma.

Oil and Natural Gas

New Mexico is likewise a major producer of oil and herbal fuel. According to the U.S. Energy Information Agency (EIA), the country become the sixth largest oil producer in the nation in 2010. Oil and natural wells had been used in New Mexico for over a century, and maximum of the pre-1980 equipment incorporates insulation components and gaskets made with asbestos substances for hearth protection reasons. Unfortunately, the asbestos residue from those parts may be breathed in or swallowed by using oil rig or fuel pipeline operators. Workers in the petroleum and gas industry have traditionally been within the high risk corporations at risk of develop mesothelioma and other ailments linked to asbestos.

Government Buildings

Government facilities at the neighborhood, state, and federal tiers built before 1980 are also recognised to have asbestos publicity issues. The U.S. Government changed into certainly one of the most important consumers of asbestos from such groups as Johns Manville and W.R. Grace. Federal companies such as the Departments of Defense and Justice constructed army bases, regulation enforcement employer headquarters, housing, or even colleges with insulation, roofing substances, and floor tiles made with asbestos.
After the Environmental Protection Agency determined there was a link between asbestos publicity and mesothelioma in the 1970’s, the government began the usage of other materials as insulation and fire retardants in new facilities. However, many people, which include workers engaged in keeping or renovating older buildings, have been uncovered to asbestos. A considerable range of these people later advanced lung most cancers, asbestosis, and mesothelioma.
New Mexico Job Sites Known to Have Asbestos Exposure
Power Plants
Reeves Power Plant, Albuquerque
Municipal Light Plant, Farmington
San Juan Power Plant, Farmington
Four Corners Power Plant, Fruitland
Lovington Power Plant, Fruitland
City Power Plant, Gallup
Chino Mines Power Plant, Hurley
Los Alamos Power Plant, Los Alamos
Community Power and Light, Roswell
New Mexico Light, Heat, and Power, Silver City
Lumber Companies
Alamogordo Lumber Company, Alamogordo
Southwest Lumber Company, Alamogordo
Bates Lumber, Albuquerque
Apache Lumber, Albuquerque
Schools and Medical Centers
St. Joseph’s Hospital, Albuquerque
V.A. Medical Center, Albuquerque
New Mexico State University, Las Cruces
Monterrey School, Roswell
St. Mary’s Hospital, Roswell
Agua Fria High School, Santa Fe
Santa Fe General Hospital, Santa Fe
New Mexico State Teachers College, Silver City
Alta Vista Middle School, Carlsbad
Refineries and Gas Companies
 Albuquerque Gas and Electric, Albuquerque
Navajo Refining, Artesia
El Paso Natural Gas Company, Gallup
Plateau Refinery, Farmington
City of Las Cruces Gas Distribution System, Las Cruces
Government Buildings and Military
Federal Building- GCA, Albuquerque
Manuel Lujan Building, Santa Fe
Holloman Air Force Base, Alamogordo
Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque
Walker Air Force Base, Roswell

Asbestos Laws in New Mexico

Asbestos regulations in New Mexico are overseen with the aid of the New Mexico Department of Environment. New Mexico has its personal nation policies concerning asbestos abatement, but follow the federal NESHAP guidelines and regulations as nicely.
For any facility demolitions in New Mexico, notification must receive to the country beforehand. This law applies to demolitions despite the fact that no asbestos is present.
Facilities in New Mexico are described as public, business, and commercial buildings, in addition to residential homes, together with townhomes and duplexes.
Renovations require notification simplest if the full location of maintenance is over 35 cubic ft, 160 rectangular feet, or 260 linear toes.
The region to be renovated or demolished should be very well inspected for asbestos before, at some point of, and after the undertaking.
A person educated to paintings around asbestos must be at the site always to make sure paling aman.
It’s against both country and federal regulation to try to conceal asbestos or remove it in a way not in accordance with NESHAP legal guidelines. In New Mexico, any caught doing those actions will possibly face prices.
Asbestos should be securely packaged and without a doubt classified during transport and disposal.
For greater statistics, touch the New Mexico Department of Environment at 800-224-7009.

New Mexico Medical Help

It’s encouraged that people dealing with rare illnesses inclusive of mesothelioma get remedy at a facility sponsored via the NCI, as those centers commonly specialize in asbestos illnesses.
The University of New Mexico (UNM) Cancer Center is a National Cancer Institute-specified facility in Albuquerque that concentrates on an expansion of cancers, inclusive of mesothelioma, asbestosis, and extra. UNM has 83 board-licensed, world-institution oncologists who're skilled in each form of cancer.

Statute of Limitations for Asbestos Cases in New Mexico

As with other states within the state, New Mexico has a statute of limitations that ought to be followed for you to report an asbestos-associated lawsuit. Under N.J. Stat. Ann. § 2a:14-1 et seq, plaintiffs must arsip their case inside three years of the prognosis of the asbestos disease or inside three years of while the disease must had been reasonably known. For wrongful death instances, plaintiffs have to arsip inside three years from the date of the sufferer’s loss of life.
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7 Langkah Nyata Membiasakan Diri Hidup Sehat Setiap Hari

      "Tindakah Sehat" merupakan langkah awal dan nyata untuk memperoleh kesehatan tubuh yang kita inginkan. Sudah tak terhitung lagi berbagai saran dan tips kesehatan yang sudah kita dengar dan baca dari berbagai berbagai sumber. Meskipun begitu, tidak sedikit dari kita yang menganggapnya angin lalu atau tak memperdulikannya. Sebenarnya yang kita butuhkan ialah sebuah tindakan nyata untuk memulainya. Lalu, apa saja langkah nyata untuk membiasakan diri hidup sehat tersebut...???.

      Sahabat, tips kesehatan. Kesehatan tubuh menjadi sebuah hal yang teramat penting untuk menjalankan aktivitas, pekerjaan maupun beribadah kepada Tuhan YME agar lebih sempurna setiap hari. Maka dari itulah, kita sangat dianjurkan untuk bergaya hidup sehat setiap waktu. Tak cukup dengan tahu caranya hidup sehat, kita harus mempraktekkannya dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. Berikut ini 7 langkah nyata membiasakan diri untuk hidup sehat setiap hari :
  1. Berdiri Lebih Lama. Faktanya, terlalu banyak aktivitas yang kita lakukan dengan hanya duduk dan jarang sekali berdiri. Padahal terlalu lama duduk dapat membahayakan kesehatan tubuh anda. Untuk itulah, kurangi waktu duduk dengan melakukan aktivitas dengan berdiri. 
  2. Persiapkan Peralatan Olahraga. Berolahraga menjadi salah satu hal tersulit yang dilakukan oleh manusia modern sekarang ini. Mulailah untuk mempersiapkan semua peralatan olahraga (seperti sepatu, pakaian dan celana olahraga) pada malam harinya. Agar dapat digunakan untuk berolahraga di pagi harinya.  
  3. Rapikan Tempat Tidur. Istirahat atau tidur malam menjadi hal terpenting dalam menjaga kesehatan tubuh. Buatlah kondisi tempat tidur lebih rapi dan nyaman dengan selalu membiasakan diri membersihkan dan merapikannya sebelum merebahkan tubuh anda. 
  4. Pergi Ke Pasar. Faktanya, kita dapat menemukan dan membeli berbagai sayuran hijau dan buah-buahan yang terjangkau sesuai dengan pendapatan kita setiap bulan. Karena salah satu kunci hidup sehat yaitu rutin mengkonsumsi aneka sayuran hijau serta buah-buahan yang mengandung sumber gizi bagi tubuh.  
  5. Tebar Senyuman. Selain dapat meningkatkan kesehatan tubuh, tersenyum merupakan salah satu ibadah dan efektif meningkatkan mood atau suasana hati di manapun anda berada. Jadi, sudahkah anda tersenyum hari ini...???. 
  6. Lakukan Bersih-Bersih. Jadikan waktu libur kerja menjadi ajang kerja bakti membersihkan rumah bagi seluruh anggota keluarga. Karena lingkungan atau rumah yang bersih dapat menjadikan penghuninya semakin sehat dan nyaman.  
  7. Persering Aktivitas Fisik. Ubah semua kebiasaan buruk di hari ini seperti duduk terlalu lama, begadang, maupun gaya hidup tidak sehat lainnya. Dalam hal ini, perbanyak langkah kaki, bersepeda di sore hari maupun bergabung dengan komunitas yang dapat mengolahragakan tubuh anda.
      Semoga tips kesehatan yang mengulas beberapa langkah nyata untuk membiasakan hidup sehat dapat menambah wawasan dan menginspirasi para pembaca. Akhir kata, salam hangat dari penulis. Image courtesy of blackzheep at
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Inilah 7 Alasan Kuat Untuk Bangun Pagi Setiap Hari

       "Bangun Pagi" menjadi salah satu faktor yang membantu meningkatkan kesehatan tubuh anda. Ada juga yang mengistilahkan dengan ungkapan "Ayo bangun pagi, Biar rezekinya tidak di patok ayam". Bagi sebagian orang, bangun pagi merupakan rutinitas yang begitu sulit untuk dilakukan setiap hari. Padahal jauh di lubuk hati yang terdalam, mereka berkeinginan kuat untuk bangun di pagi hari. Ada berbagai alasan kuat, mengapa kita harus bangun pagi. Lalu, apa saja alasan kuat untuk bangun pagi setiap hari tersebut...???.

        Sahabat, tips kesehatan. Pagi hari merupakan waktu yang tepat untuk memulai aktivitas dan rutinitas yang akan dijalankan untuk kesuksesan hidup ini. Ini dikarenakan, tenaga yang dimiliki tubuh masih dilevel tertinggi serta fikiran masih begitu jernih. Untuk itulah, kita sangat disarankan untuk berusaha membiasakan diri bangun di pagi hari. Selain itu, bangun dipagi hari berdampak besar pada peningkatan kesehatan tubuh anda. Berikut ini 7 alasan kuat untuk bangun pagi setiap hari :
  1. Merasakan Udara Yang Begitu Segar. Faktanya, polusi udara menjadi hal yang tidak dapat terhindarkan di zaman modern ini. Padahal udara yang bersih sangat dibutuhkan seluruh anggota tubuh khususnya paru-paru. Mulailah bangun pagi dan rasakan udara yang masih begitu segar dan sejuk. 
  2. Memiliki Waktu Untuk Berolahraga. Membiasakan diri dengan mengolahragakan tubuh selama 30 menit setiap pagi memiliki dampak besar bagi kesehatan tubuh dihari ini dan di masa mendatang. (Bagi anda yang muslim, sholat subuh juga termasuk mengolahragakan tubuh sekaligus mendapatkan pahala yang besar ).  
  3. Tidak Melewatkan Sarapan Pagi. Sarapan pagi menjadi salah satu aktivitas terpenting di pagi hari. Dengan rutin sarapan pagi yang menyehatkan, maka kegiatan maupun pekerjaan yang anda kerjakan di sepanjang hari dapat berjalan lancar sesuai harapan dan keinginan anda. 
  4. Menenangkan Pikiran Dan Perasaan Anda. Suara ayam yang berkokok serta burung yang berkicau di pagi hari sangat indah untuk didengarkan yang mana dapat membantu menenangkan pikiran dan perasaan sekaligus menurunkan tingkat stres atas berbagai masalah hidup yang anda alami.  
  5. Memiliki Waktu Untuk Mempersiapkan Diri. Berbagai jadwal kegiatan hari ini dapat langsung ditulis atau direncanakan di waktu pagi, di saat fikiran masih jernih. Sehingga andapun dapat mengagendakan dan melakukan hal-hal penting yang tidak boleh di lewatkan pada hari ini. 
  6. Melihat Keajaiban-Keajaiban Kecil. Berbagai keajaiban kecil hanya dapat di lihat dan disaksikan di pagi hari seperti melihat suami berangkat ke kantor, melihat istri mempersiapkan hidangan pagi maupun melihat dan mempersiapkan buah hati untuk berangkat ke sekolah.  
  7. Menikmati Yang Hangat-Hangat. Pagi hari merupakan waktu yang tepat untuk menikmati sesuatu yang hangat-hangat seperti teh hangat, kopi hangat serta sarapan yang masih hangat. Selain itu, tidak melewatkan meminum air putih di pagi hari juga membantu meningkatkan kesehatan sistem pencernaan di tubuh anda.
        Semoga tips kesehatan yang mengulas berbagai alasan kuat untuk bangun pagi setiap hari dapat bermanfaat dan menginspirasi para pembaca untuk mulai bangun pagi. Akhir kata, salam hangat dari penulis. Image courtesy of mapichai at
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Kamis, 14 Mei 2015

Inilah 7 Tips Agar Tidur Jam Sembilan Malam Setiap Hari

      "Tidur Malam" merupakan salah satu aktivitas wajib yang harus menjadi kebiasaan kita setiap hari. Dengan tidur malam yang cukup, maka dapat dipastikan semua aktivitas dan pekerjaan di pagi hari dapat dikerjakan dengan penuh semangat membara. Faktanya, gaya hidup modern telah merusak dan membuat jadwal tidur malam menjadi berantakan. Ini akan menjadi masalah serius bagi kesehatan tubuh dalam jangka pendek maupun jangka panjang. Lalu, adakah tips agar tidur lebih awal atau jam sembilan malam setiap harinya...???.

      Sahabat, tips kesehatan. Tidak sedikit dari kita yang memiliki masalah dengan kurangnya jam tidur malam tersebut. Keasyikkan begadang dengan teman, stres karena pekerjaan serta asyik bermain gadget (handphone dan laptop) menjadi beberapa penyebab kurangnya jam tidur malam. Kurang tidur di malam hari juga berdampak pada kesehatan seperti memperbesar resiko penyakit jantung, hipertensi, stroke serta diabetes. Oleh karena itulah, diperlukan langkah nyata untuk memperbaiki jadwal tidur malam anda. Berikut ini 7 tips agar tidur jam sembilan malam setiap hari :
  1. Rilekskan. Dalam hal ini, anda harus merilekskan tubuh dan pikiran dengan menghentikan semua aktivitas maupun pekerjaan yang sedang dilakukan setengah jam sebelum memejamkan mata anda. Hal ini penting, karena dengan pikiran yang tenang dan tubuh yang rileks, aktivitas tidur malam jadi lebih mudah. 
  2. Matikan Gadget. Sebaiknya juga mulai menonaktifkan atau mematikan gadget (smartphone) yang anda miliki sebelum berangkat tidur. Kecenderungan untuk terus memainkan gadget kesayangan akan menjadikan rutinitas tidur malam menjadi terganggu.  
  3. Jauhkan Gadget. Jika anda tidak mau mematikan gadget (smartphone), maka sebaiknya menjauhkannya dari jangkauan tangan anda. Anda bisa meletakkanya di meja atau kursi yang jauh dari kasur tempat anda membaringkan tubuh untuk beristirahat di malam hari. 
  4. Matikan Televisi. Berbagai acara televisi sering melupakan kita dari jam tidur malam yang sudah direncanakan hingga rela begadang sampai larut malam. Maka, alangkah baiknya anda segera mematikan televisi dan mulai beranjak ke kamar tidur.  
  5. Rapikan. Sebelum merebahkan tubuh di kasur, anda juga sebaiknya merapikan dulu tempat tidur dengan mengibaskan sprei, selimut serta bantal. Untuk membuang atau membersihkan debu halus yang menempel di tempat-tempat tersebut. 
  6. Matikan Lampu. Mematikan lampu kamar tidur selain mampu meningkatkan kesehatan tubuh juga dapat membuat suasana kamar lebih tenang dan nyaman. Jika anda tidak suka suasana yang gelap gulita, gunakanlah lampu kamar yang redup atau tidak terlalu terang.  
  7. Penutup Mata. Jika anda sulit memejamkan mata, maka tidak ada salahnya menggunakan penutup mata. Hal ini bertujuan untuk mengirimkan rangsangan pada otak, bahwa tubuh dan pikiran sedang di istirahatkan dari berbagai aktivitas dan pekerjaan.
       Semoga tips kesehatan yang mengulas beberapa tips agar tidur jam sembilan setiap malam dapat bermanfaat bagi pembaca dan pengunjung yang budiman. Akhir kata, salam hangat dari penulis. Image courtesy of FrameAngel at Sumber : intips-kesehatan.blogspot.
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Selasa, 12 Mei 2015

7 Manfaat Menakjubkan Jambu Biji Bagi Kesehatan Tubuh Anda

      "Jambu Biji" merupakan salah jenis buah-buahan yang sudah kita kenal dari berbagai jenis buah-buahan yang ada. Secara fisik, jambu biji sangat mudah dikenali seperti kulit buah yang bewarna hijau, memiliki daging buah yang bewarna putih atau merah serta memiliki banyak biji dalam daging buahnya. Meskipun jambu biji menyimpan berbagai manfaat menakjubkan, tapi nyatanya belum banyak yang mengetahuinya. Lalu, apa saja manfaat menakjubkan jambu biji bagi kesehatan tubuh tersebut...???.

      Sahabat, tips kesehatan. Sebagian besar nutrisi yang dibutuhkan oleh tubuh terdapat pada buah-buahan yang kita konsumsi setiap harinya khususnya vitamin, sumber serat, protein serta mineral. Salah satu buah yang sangat dianjurkan untuk mulai dikonsumsi setiap hari adalah jambu biji. Ini dikarenakan, jambu biji merupakan salah satu buah yang kaya nutrisi dan mudah ditemukan serta mudah tumbuh di alam Indonesia. Setelah membaca artikel ini, diharapkan anda mulai melirik jambu biji. Berikut ini 7 manfaat menakjubkan jambu biji bagi kesehatan tubuh anda :
  1. Nutrisi Mata. Jambu biji ternyata mengandung sumber utama vitamin A. Vitamin A membantu menutrisi organ mata yang akan menyehatkan mata serta membantu memperlambat munculnya gangguan kesehatan pada mata seperti katarak serta degenerasi makula atau penurunan penglihatan ketika usia bertambah. 
  2. Pencegah Kanker. Jambu biji memiliki sumber antioksidan yang dibutuhkan oleh tubuh anda. Sumber antioksidan yang dimaksud yaitu likopen yang mana memiliki fungsi mengurangi resiko terkena kanker prostat, kanker payudara serta kanker mulut. Ini dikarenakan, jambu biji dapat menghambat pertumbuahan serta metastasis sel kanker yang mematikan tersebut.  
  3. Penurun Berat Badan. Jambu biji nyatanya juga terbukti efektif dalam program penurunan berat badan anda. Ini dikarenakan, selain bersifat mengenyangkan perut lebih lama, jambu biji juga memasok kebutuhan nutrisi yang dibutuhkan oleh tubuh sera rendah kolesterol dan rendah karbohidrat. Inilah yang membuat jambu biji menjadi salah satu program diet anda yang sempurna. 
  4. Penghindar Diabetes. Ternyata jambu biji dapat membantu mencegah munculnya penyakit diabetes tipe 2. Selain itu, jambu biji juga sangat baik bagi penderita diabetes. Ini dikarenakan, sumber serat dalam jambu biji dapat membantu mengatur atau mengontrol penyerapan gula didalam tubuh anda.  
  5. Penangkal Hipertensi. Fungsi lain yang tak kalah penting dari jambu biji yaitu mengurangi resiko terkena tekanan darah tinggi atau hipertensi. Kandungan sumber serat dalam jambu biji berperan dalam mengurangi kadar kolesterol jahat dalam darah dan meningkatkan sirkulasi darah di pembuluh darah yang mana pada akhirnya dapat mencegah hipertensi. 
  6. Cerdaskan Otak. Jambu biji mengandung vitamin B3 (niasin) serta B6. Kedua vitamin tersebut berperan dalam hal meningkatkan sirkulasi darah keseluruh organ termasuk otak. Oleh karena itulah, jambu biji dapat menjadi salah satu buah alternatif yang dapat meningkatkan kesehatan otak dan membuat seseorang lebih berkonsentrasi.  
  7. Solusi Sembelit. Susah buang air besar atau sembelit menjadi masalah serius jika tidak segera ditangani secara lebih cepat. Sumber serat dalam jambu biji dapat membantu meningkatkan kesehatan sistem pencernaan dan sistem ekskresi. Dalam hal ini dapat memudahkan proses buang air besar dan menjauhkan anda dari sembelit.
Artikel Kesehatan Lainnya....
           Semoga tips kesehatan yang mengulas beberapa manfaat menakjubkan jambu biji bagi kesehatan tubuh dapat bermanfaat bagi seluruh pembaca. Akhir kata, salam hangat dari penulis. Image courtesy of SOMMAI at Sumber : organicfacts.
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